Welcome to Albacore 7.

"Four Eyes!" was a co-production between Porchlight Media, Los angeles and Pictor Media, Paris. It ran on Nickelodeon and Disney in 70+ countries. 

I put this site together to share my show  with the world.  IT's purely for self-promotional purposes.

I am not charging people to view these and am making no money from this. None. Nada. Zip. (That's for the legal people out there.) 

Viewers, please Keep in mind, these are full episodes. So do Not watch if you can't afford the data charges. I recommend viewing on wifi. Just sayin'.

Oh! I'm Darryl. I'm a cartoonist and writer. That's probably all you want to know about me, so let's move on.

"Four Eyes!" would not have been possible without the help of a ton of mighty fine folks.

Here is a list, though I'm sure I've missed some. If so, my apologies and please contact me so I can add you to the list.

• Fred Schaefer, Exec. Producer (I owe him the biggest thanks. my career would be nothing without him. He rocks!)
• Bruce Johnson, Exec. Producer
• William Baumann, Exec. Producer
• Phillipe Lenglet, French Exec. Producer
• Gilbert Hus, French Exec. Producer
• Patrick Claeys, Director (Damn, this guy was good.)
• Laura McCreary, Story Editor (Yes. That Laura McCreary. She taught me more about about writing than she'll ever know. Thanks mightily.)
• Jean-Marc L'officier, manager (Seriously awesome human.)
• Stephane Meer, composer (His theme and music for the show are magnificent.)
• The entire voice cast
* All the production artists and everyone else behind the scenes. The show would not look as cool or be as good as it is without all their enormous talents